To have access to the system Mordomus is necessary to effect the validation of login in the condition of Configurator, Administrator or User. Later the validation of login will have access to home Mordomus, and thus it allows you to accede to the functions.

Validation of login:

1. Select the profile of used (Administrator, Configurator or User);

2. In the keyboard, the code of entry;

3. To validate, press button:

The codes of login predefined Mordomus is:

- User: 8787

- Administrator: 2121

- Configurator: 6699

- To disconnect the CPU Mordomus: 4444


- LogOff's button allows to go out of the session of the user that initiated tape-worm.

- In way LogOff the Mordomus it continues to effecting all the functions, not allowing only, to the user, the interaction with the console.