It allows you to see the house layout, floor by floor. In each layout you’ll be able to control the systems that are managed by Mordomus, interacting with them in a direct way. You only have to touch it with your finger to control it.
1. At Mordomus Main Menu, press button: E-MAP
2. At E-Map window:
2.1. At Floor, select which floor you want to control the devices, by acting directly on the E-MAP;
2.2. At Room, select the room where you'll control the devices;
2.3. At Device Type, select the type of devices to control (in the layout you'll see all the devices of the selected type).
To see all devices on the layout, regardless of their type, select the option All in Device Type.
3. Press on the layout, the device you want to control. You'll see the id of that device and how to control it. Eg: If you press a lamp and it is an adjustable (dimmer), it will appear the gradual regulation at the control panel which will allow you to set the level you prefer. That level if changed is increase/decrease by a Soft-Tone which means that the light intensity gradually reaches its intensity. If the light you're controlling isn't a Dimmer type, you only get the buttons: On and Off.

- By selecting a room you’ll only be able to see and interact with the devices of that room but you see the whole floor layout.
- This control is only possible after the E-MAP is configured in: Configurations -> Config -> E-Map
- To set an Emap image to a floor, press: Configurations -> Registers -> Floors and Rooms
1. The layout (floor) can be enlarged or reduce using buttons:
2. To return to the initial format of layout (floor) press button: