Illumination - control the light sources status (on/off), their luminous intensity and color light sources;

Windows - obtain the most adequate positioning or automatically closes the shutters, blinds, curtains and blackouts;

Equipments - manage and control any equipment connected to the system, like heaters, washing machines, toaster, microwave, electrical oven and others;

Eletrovalves - Controls the security valves to open or close the water, gas or even your irrigation system;

Infrared Controls - enable to send infrared commands Mordomus multisensor;

Controlled by pulse - enable gates, electric locks, sirens and other pulse controlled sustems;

Sensors - visualize the status of the sensor ones existent in your house, as:

METEO - exterior weather sensor that shows atmospheric readings: wind speed, exterior light, rainfall status and outside temperature;

DIGITAL STATUS - Ex: door, window or gate open/closed, machinery on/off, among others;

ANALOG STATUS - Ex: temperature, pressure, voltage, humidity, among others.

1. At Mordomus Main Menu, press button: Devices
2. At Devices window:
2.1. At Floor, select the floor where you'll control devices;
2.2. At Room, select the room where you'll control devices;
2.3. At Devices, select the device you wish to control and depending on the type, you will have available: On/Off, Open/Close or Execute.
In case that the equipment being controlled alows perceptual control, press:to increase 10%, press:to decrease 10% or press: % where you can type the the exact percentage desired value.
Tip: You can easily find your devices by filtering them by types.
1. You can do an individual selection of devices, selecting the floor and room;
2. You can do a selection by All and in this case, switch on or off all the existent devices at home, in a certain floor or room;
3. In the case of adjustable devices ( 0 % to 100 % ) , you will see an adjustment control that will allow you to set the desired level of performance , that is, you can raise or lower the intensity gradually , or enter directly the level of intended action by pressing button: %
4. When it is not adjustable devices ( 0 % to 100 % ), or On / Off, only appear buttons : On / Off , Open / Close or Execute.
5. In the case of the RGB-type devices (multi color light), the button appear: On / Off and additionally it is available the color control and the Time control for automatic color transition.
5.1. Through color control , you can set the light the color you want;
5.2. Time control for automatic color transition, you can choose between static color (Off) and automatic transition of all colors, in which the speed of the transition depends on the selector position.