View the layout (blueprint) of each floor of the house. In each layout can control systems managed by Mordomus iThink, interacting with them directly, simply by touching them with your finger.
1. In Mordomus iThink Home Menu, press the button: E-MAP
2. In the E-Map window:
2.1. In Floor, select the floor where you want to control devices acting directly on the E-Map;
2.2. In Division, select the division where you want to control devices;
2.3. In Device Type, you must select the type of device to control (it will appear in the layout all the devices of the selected type).
To show you all devices in the layout, regardless of type, you should select All in Device Type.
3. Press on the layout, the equipment you want to control. It will show you the identification of the equipment and how to control it. Ex: If you press a lamp and it covers an adjustable lighting point, appears a gradual adjustment control that will allow you to set the desired level of performance, ie, may rise or lower gradually the intensity of light. If the illumination control is not adjustable, only appear the buttons: On/Off.
- selecting the division will only see and interact with the devices configured in the same division, while remaining visible entire floor (layout).
- Interaction with the E-Map is only possible when set in: Settings -> Registers-> E-Map
- To assign images to E-Map to the house floor, press: Settings -> Registers-> Floors and Divisions
1. The layout (blueprint) may be enlarged or reduced with the buttons:
2. To return to the initial shape of your layout (blueprint), press the button: