Lighting - control the on or off state, the light intensity and color of light sources;

Windows - get proper positioning (up or down) the blinds, curtains, shutters and blackouts;

Devices - control all devices or sockets, ex. heaters, toaster, microwaves, washing machines, electric oven, among others;

Eletric valves - solenoid control security for opening or cutting water, gas and eletric valves of your irrigation system;

Infrared controls - Enable sending infrared commands from multisensor Mordomus iThink;

Controlled pulse - activate gates, electric locks, sirens and other pulse-controlled systems;

Sensors - visualize the state of existing sensors in your home such as:

iMETEO - outdoor weather sensor that provides the following atmospheric quantities: wind speed, outdoor lighting, rainfall state and outside temperature;

DIGITAL STATUS - ie: door, window or gate open/close, on/off machine, among others;

ANALOG STATUS - ie: temperature, pressure, voltage, humidity, among others.

1. In Mordomus iThink Home Menu, press the button: Devices
2. In the Devices window:
2.1. In Floor, select the floor where you want to control devices;
2.2. In Division, select devision where you want to control devices;
2.3. In Devices, select the device you want to control and depending on its type you will have available the buttons: On/Off, Open/Close or Run.
In the case of devices that allow the percentage control: press to increase 10%, press to reduce 10% or press % if you prefer to enter, on the numeric keypad, the exact desired percentage.
TIP: You can find more easily your devices by filtering them by types.
1. You can make individual device selection, by selecting the floor and the division;
2. You can make the selection for All and in this case turn on/off all devices in the house, in particular floor or particular division;
3. In the case of adjustable devices (0% to 100%), you will see an adjustment control that will allow you to set the desired level of performance, ie, may rise or lower gradually the intensity, or enter directly the intended action level by pressing the button:%
4. When it is not adjustable devices (0% to 100%), in this case On/Off, will only appear buttons: on/off, open/close or run.
5. In the case of the RGB-type devices, will appear buttons: On/Off plus color control and time control of automatic color transition.
5.1. Through color control, you can position the light in the color you want;
5.2. Through Time control of automatic color transition, you can select between static color (Off) and automatic transition of all colors, in which the speed of the transition depends on the selector position.