To have access to their Mordomus remotely, you must perform the validation log, provided Administrator, Configurator or User.

This login is defined in Mordomus -> Settings -> Users -> Remote Access. See Help in user management

Ways to access the application:

1. Go to MyMordomus in For more help see: Configure acess MyMordomus

2. By Mordomus app in android systems. Download at:

3. Through a direct connection shortcut on your mobile, iOS, Android or another. The link to be used shall be: where "xxxxx" is the name for remote access, which set in MyMordomus. To create shortcut refer to the help manual for your device.

4. Through its local IP in case of access from your home network, or through your external IP in case of access from outside your home with internet access. For more see Help: Check my IP