In the event of any irregularity, the Mordomus notifies you , ensuring complete safety at all levels , because the Mordomus act astutely in each of these anomalies thus allowing one to rest cohabiting with him . Thinking of Si and its security needs the Mordomus have the following warning :

- INTRUSION - Detects unwanted intruders , glass breakage and burglary doors and windows.

1. At Main Menu Alarms
2. Press the alarm you want to enable or disable ;
2.1. Enter the deactivation code or alarm activation and press the respective option :
Disable or Enable;
2.2. Can enable or disable all existing intruder alarms . General Press and enter the general code that enables / disables all burglar alarms and press the respective option :
Disable or Enable.
- Identification of an alarm is active:
- Identification of an alarm is disabled:
- By missing the alarm code 3 times in a row on the remote access , log off , I think you can add the help.
- As a safety measure , after 3 alarm code insertion attempts , will have to make again login.