Control light sources , blinds, curtains , appliances , sockets , electric locks , solenoid valves , infra -red controls, sensors , sirens, among others.

1. At Main Menu, pres the button: Devices
2. Press the floor where you want to manage devices;
3. Press the room where you want to manage devices. You can select All and will have available all devices in the home , in this floor .
4. Press the type of device you want to control ;
5. Identify the function you want to control and press the appropriate button according to the action you want . In the case of devices which enable the percentage ratio ( 0 % to 100 %) , use and increase or decrease the desired % .
- Connected devices ID:
- Identification equipment turned off :
- Multi- sensors and analog status , readings are displayed through animation that incorporates the quantities that each measures .